Weldship Corporation is a full service testing and rehabilitation center for DOT trailer tubes, cylinders, and ASME tubes. The methods and descriptions of testing methods are as follows:

Hydrostatic Test - Weldship has two testing locations for hydrostatic test, both approved by the DOT and assigned a Retest Identification Number (RIN). The hydrostatic test requires the disassembly of tube trailers and the testing by water jacket.

Acoustic Emission Test - Weldship has been granted Department of Transportation Exemption DOT-12184 which authorizes tubes to be tested by acoustic emission in lieu of hydrostatic test. Weldship has the most modern acoustic emission equipment staffed by Level II, and overseen by level III acoustic emission technicians/managers.

Ultrasonic Testing - Inspection of 100% of the cylinder wall measuring thickness throughout and detection of detrimental flaws such as pitting, corrosion, and cracks.

Benefits of Acoustic Emission Testing - This style of testing which can be conducted without disassembling tubes from the trailer, without introducing water, has the following benefits:

  • Test of the highest integrity designed to locate tube defects
  • Follow up ultrasonic testing utilized to size and evaluate defects
  • High Purity maintained in vessel due to elimination of water
  • Improved turnaround time for retest of trailer
  • Test equipment is mobile and can be brought to the customer
  • Regulatory approval of modern technology
  • Reduction of valve replacement costs due to friction of removal
  • Elimination of hazardous waste water
  • Detailed and objective test reports
  • Reduction of operator error