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Certified ISO Containers (MEGCs)

Weldship manufactures Certified Tube ISO Containers (MEGCs) in support of the compressed gas and chemical industries. You will find in the Weldship Certified ISO Container the same professional level of expertise and high quality that Weldship commits to all products and services, from design to final testing.

Acoustic Emission Testing – Weldship Certified ISO Containers are designed and manufactured to allow the tubes to be tested in place while assembled (“in situ”) by Acoustic Emission Testing (AET) at the time of the mandated tests.

Quality Assurance

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing professionals in Bethlehem, PA, design, manufacture and test our containers to qualify them to transport high-pressure tubes containing compressed gasses, liquefied gasses and chemicals. We respond to our customers’ needs by producing the highest quality, most cost-effective and safest containers available in the industry. Attending surveyors from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) monitor the production process including the testing and certifying of each finished container.

Regulatory Compliance

Weldship selects the tube specification, length, pressure and container size to coincide with U.S. and international regulatory requirements to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Weldship ensures that the container weight is appropriate for the gross vehicle weight, the bridge law (balance law), and the dimensional requirement for each country.

Testing at Manufacture

Weldship ISO containers are manufactured under the rules of the American Bureau of Shipping, and the production is witnessed and verified accordingly. Based upon these rules, the containers are assigned approval numbers for the Convention of Safe Containers (CSC), UIC, ADR/RID, Custom/TIR, IMDG and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The rigorous and stringent certification process ensures that the containers are manufactured to withstand the maximum stacking, racking and other associated loading procedures that shipboard transport requires.


Weldship Certified ISO Containers are manufactured to the optimal weight/payload efficiency thus providing the highest payloads and lowest cost in the global marketplace. Weldship containers are certified to ISO standards to assure the lowest ocean freight costs are available.

Design and Product Engineering

Weldship Engineering Division will design Certified ISO Containers for any size project or for any product. This website lists the most common gasses, liquefied gasses and chemicals, however, Weldship can provide ISO Containers for all gasses, liquefied gasses and chemicals.