weldship maintenance servicesWeldship Corporation provides full service maintenance for domestic and international customers in addition to maintaining Weldship-owned equipment at a high level. Weldship customers range from Basic Industrial Gas--Gas and Chemical--Semiconductor companies. Each customer segment has a specific set of important expectations Weldship must comply with. Weldship Corporation incorporates an ISO 9001 compliant Quality System to ensure a consistent, high level of quality throughout the maintenance process.

Nitrogen Purging and Leak Testing - (When Applicable) To avoid negative reactions with hydrocarbons resulting in possible explosions, Weldship will purge the tubes with nitrogen to limit the oxygen contents. This cleans the entire tube preparing it to be refilled upon completion.

Shot Blasting - Tubes are removed and sent through an automated shot-blast machine that removes paint and provides a white metal blast condition ready to accept paint. Chassis and ISO frames are blasted to a white metal condition in a 12 ft wide x 50 ft long shot-blast booth.

Flange Removal & Thread Inspection - In accordance with DOT requirements Weldship performs neck flange removal using state-of-the-art hydraulic tools to allow complete neck thread inspection.

Paint System - Tubes are moved into the paint booth where they receive multiple coats of paint in accordance with the customer's specifications. Tubes are positioned to ensure complete coverage. Blast profile and subsequent paint thickness is measured to assure specifications are met. Following assembly of tubes to trailer or ISO, the unit is re-painted a second time in one of two Weldship heated paint booths.

Rehabilitation - Whether it is a tube trailer, tube module, or ISO container, Weldship will repair all aspects of the equipment that have declined in appearance and performance. Weldship is qualified to build from the ground up, providing the experience and knowledge to fix every issue.