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Tank ISO Specifications

Texas Trailer has approved designs for liquefied gases in many pressure and capacity combinations. We can custom build a unit optimized for your specific needs.

Capacity4,500 USWG17,034 liter
Maximum Gross Weight67,200 lbs.30,482 kg
Tare17,690 lbs.8,022 kg
Maximum Payload49,956 lbs.22,475 kg
M.A.W.P. (DOT5I)335 psi23.10 bar
M.A.W.P. (CODAP)368 psi25.38 bar
Temperature Range-40 deg. F to +131 deg. F-40 deg. C to +55 deg. C
Height8′ 0″244 cm
Width8′ 0″244 cm
Length19′ 10-1/2″606 cm
Frame DesignISO 1496/3, Class I C
SunshieldAs Required
ProductsCO2 and Non-Refrigerated Class 2 Liquified Gases
Capacity6,400 USWG24,227 liter
Maximum Gross Weight67,200 lbs.30,480 kg
Tare21,295 lbs.9,659 kg
Maximum Payload45,905 lbs.20,821 kg
M.A.W.P. (DOT5I)290 psig20.0 bar
M.A.W.P. (CODAP)319 psig22.0 bar
Temperature Range-20 deg. to +131 deg. F-28.9 deg. to +55 deg. C
Height8′ 6″2,591 mm
Width8′ 0″2,438 mm
Length19′ 10-1/2″6,058 cm
Frame DesignISO Class ICC (30MT)
Sunshield0.125″ (3.2 mm) aluminum
ProductsNH3, LPG, and Other Non-Refrigerated Class 2 Liquified Gases

Containers for all products available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The basic models and descriptions are shown herein.

Those of different styles, technology, volumes, parts, weights and pressures are available upon request. All equipment is in regulatory compliance.

Please contact us for more information.