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super jumbo tube trailer

Tube Trailers
Tube trailers are the standard of our vast product line and are available in standard, jumbo, and super jumbo sizes. Precision-crafted, high-strength, high-volume transport of high-pressure gases and specialty chemicals allows you to carry greater payload.
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Tank Trailers
Texas Trailer Corporation manufactures, repairs and refurbishes high pressure DOT/ASME cargo tanks for refrigerated gases, liquefied gases and chemicals, including Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Nitrous Oxide(N2O), Ammonia, Chlorine, Mercaptan and many others.  With over 30 years design, production and repair experience, TTC offers proven designs with the ability to customize to the specific needs of any application.  Each unit is engineered for proper weight distribution and maximum payload.
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iso container

ISO Containers
Weldship's ISO Containers are designed and manufactured to satisfy requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO), and are surveyed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and tested to US Department of Transportation (DOT) and international standards.
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ground storage module

Ground Storage
Weldship offers a wide variety of new and reconditioned ground storage modules, designed and manufactured to the ASME code, and are National Board registered. Our pressure vessel assemblies can be customized to meet any volume, pressure, and size requirements.
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Weldship works with you - as a partner - to design and engineer the right solutions for your needs.

  • Highest payload jumbo tube trailers
  • Full range of conventional trailers
  • Compressed gas ISO tube containers
  • ASME ground storage modules
  • High-pressure gas compressor systems
  • CO2 transports and ISO containers
  • Specialty gas/chemical transports and ISO containers